SOM/LVK_PAK information for local users

This page deals with Hynde's versions of the packages. The binaries for the 3.1 versions are in /share/local/bin. My new versions of the package (version 3.1+) have only some additions: I'll put more details about these available later.


The SOM and LVQ binaries can be found in my directory:
There are two subdirectories indy and auris which contain binaries compiled specially for the Indy workstations and Auris:
The Indy-directory should be up to date but the others may be a bit old. The Indy-binaries should work in auris too. Use the -version option of the programs to get version information.

Library version of SOM/LVQ_PAK

I've made a library version of the SOM/LVQ package that can be linked to your programs. The library version can be found from /home/james/hynde/new_som_lvq/somlvq.

When compiling programs you should add the following option to the compiler flags so that the compiler can find the header files:

You will also have to tell the linker where to find the library:
  -L/home/james/hynde/new_som_lvq/somlvq/lib/indy -lsomlvq
And that should be all you need. Substitute indy with auris to link with a library compiled for auris/james.

If you have any questions or comments, ask me.
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