Lea's cabin party (Akulab Does KTH 16.-18.2.2003)

Julia's evening starts with her new bottle of Jaegermeister. 'I hope this will last the whole trip', she hopes. But soon Mairas puts his moves on Julia and no one could ever hope to endure such torture for long. Quickly, Julia caps her bottle of Jaegermaister to dull the pain. But too much of a good thing can be bad so in no time Julia is under the table. So kids, lets be careful out the with that alcohol.

Meanwhile, Tom tries to seduce Tuomas with this moves. But Tuomas is not impressed and wisely chooses another 'Karhu' instead. Tom is of course disappointed but there's always Mairas...

Princess Le(i)a finds leftovers of Julia Jackass's Jägermaister. Aqi joins the party and shows example to others. They watch with admiration and decide to get busy.

Akulab Does KTH pictures by Jussi Hynninen